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and how Cross Media Marketing with PURLs can help your business!

We help you add value to your advertising.

When you are producing and delivering targeted, relevant communications across multiple media sources—like creating personalized website landing pages tied to direct mail campaigns—you are doing what’s known as cross-media marketing. 

There are many facets to cross-media marketing and we can help you figure it all out and determine what cross-media marketing will work best for your company. 

These cross-media programs may include things like:
•  QR code development
•  Landing page design and implementation
•  Personalized web pages tied to your direct mail campaigns (PURLs)
•  Direct mail campaign tracking
•  Online dashboard
•  … and more!

… which in turn can be used for:
•  Sales lead generation
•  Event registration
•  Direct selling
•  Data capture

What are PURLs?

In a nutshell, Personalized URLs — or PURLs — are unique, dynamic websites that are personalized for each recipient of a direct mail or e-mail marketing campaign.

Have you ever purchased a list, sent out a postcard, and wondered how interested your recipients were in your promotion? Wouldn’t it be great to have a response mechanism that gives you the ability to track direct mailing campaigns and to find out more about your target audience? That’s where PURLs come in!
PURLs bridge the gap between direct mailing and web-based marketing.

Why are PURLs successful?

73% of consumers prefer to receive product and services offers via the U.S. Mail.*
51% of the population has internet access.*

43% of consumers prefer to respond to an offer online.*

   *According to the Direct Marketing Association

Who are PURLs for?

PURLs are for any business looking to engage with their customers uniquely, or those that have access to a database for a marketing campaign.

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