Engage with Customers – Advertise Products and Services – Increase Profits
New Hampshire Print & Mail is excited to now offer digital signage, a 21st century advertising medium that surpasses traditional posters & billboards. Digital kiosks are typically placed in the same areas that you would use posters or other signage. But replacement of traditional media with digital signage carries extra benefits. The ability to dynamically control your messages more completely engages your audience and allows you to control timing of your messages more completely and efficiently.

Who's using Digital Signage?
Anyone already using or considering signage to reach an audience should look at digital signage. If you’ve got an audience passing through or aggregating in your area, you definitely need to take a look at digital signage! Even if you don’t always have a message, there are other companies that regularly pay organizations like yours to reach an audience.

See below for some ways digital signage can be used for your industry...

  • Promote current and upcoming specials

  • Help increase impulse purchases

  • Display product demonstrations and testimonials

  • Educate and inform customers of your customer loyalty programs

  • Maximize store traffic and specifically promote particular items at your business times

  • Display information regarding common seasonal illnesses as well as new treatment solutions and medical procedures updates

  • Keep your patients and staff up to date on important information, daily news, and provided services

  • Highlight optional speciality services, such as weight loss clinics, wellness programs, etc

  • Guide visitors, staff, and patients through your facility with Digital Signage as an interactive map

  • Sell advertising space to other health related businesses and drug companies

  • Promote new financing rates

  • Educate your customers on current specials, new vehicles, and custom features

  • Draw in additional business with videos, photos, and information

  • Up sell services and maintenance packages

  • Advertise lease options for new vehicles

  • Promote customer testimonials

  • Provide How-To tutorials

  • List new loan, CD, credit card, and mortgage rates

  • Educate your customers on policy changes, general news, events, and updates

  • Promote financial understanding with easy-to-read interest charts

  • Up sell available services and packages

  • Promote customer testimonials

  • Offer helpful tips for savings and investing

  • Provide way finding maps, directions, and room listings from the lobby

  • Share live weather, news, and flight times

  • Display local attractions, events, and activities

  • Promote value-added services like room upgrades and loyalty programs

  • Display welcome messages for conferences and large group events

  • Congratulate valued guests on their birthday, anniversary, or other special date

  • Share your pool and health club hours

  • Automatically change menu based on time, day, audience, or whenever it's needed

  • Up-sell: No more of "Do you want fries and a drink with that?"

  • Issue immediate price and menu changes

  • Boost the success of promotional items

  • Decrease printing costs

  • Reduce perceived wait times, entertain, and enhance the customer experience

  • Deliver important news and announcements as they happen

  • Post current event schedules and special events

  • Deliver instant emergency announcements

  • Announce changes to course schedules

  • Advertise bookstore, cafe' or other campus shop offerings

  • Post administrative announcements and registration schedules

  • Advertise volunteer opportunities and community outreach programs