Get That Quick Response!

With each new release of the latest in smart phone technology, one thing is for sure: Mobile marketing is here to stay!

One way to harness the power of mobile marketing is to use a QR Code (short for quick response code) for your marketing piece. If you haven't heard of QR Codes before, chances are you've seen one. They're those pesky little squares with all the tiny black and white boxes within them, like the one on this page. Smart phone users can download apps on their devices that enable them to scan these codes, which in turn can…
  • Direct them to a website
  • Dial a phone number
  • Add a contact to their address book
  • Send a text message
To create your own QR Code, simply use our FREE QR Code Generator below. If you'd like to create thousands of unique QR Codes that can be used on personalized mailing pieces, contact us to learn about our QR Code Generation service.

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