There is no spam filter on Direct Mail!

Electronic communications are popular. There is no doubt that these digital engagement tools have changed the way businesses interact with their clients. Unfortunately, relying solely on the internet for lead generation may not provide desired results. 

Direct mail marketing has shown resilience as a popular and, in some cases, a growing tool for businesses that want to nurture leads and build rapport with buyers.  Advertisers have found that an overabundance of emails, improved spam filters, and an overall distrust of regular unwanted content have turned people away.

Consumers enjoy when companies personalize their message and when the information that is provided is relevant and interests them. Unfortunately, with every brand on the market attempting to grow its share of voice, inboxes have become cluttered.

New Hampshire Print & Mail can help you strategize and craft mailing campaigns that utilize both direct mail and email communications to help you get more value for your marketing dollar in ways that help you track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Super-charge your Direct Mailing campaign with these other services that we provide: 
•  List Purchasing
•  Unique & Trackable QR Codes
•  Full Color Printing
•  Every Door Direct Mail - EDDM
•  Variable Data Printing
•  Pre-sort Mailing
•  Graphic Design
•  Mail Design Consultation
•  Personalized Letters & Envelopes
•  and much, much more!